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The capacity to contact and chat with people in real-time using a telephone is known as voice calling. We can troubleshoot, judge tone, and engage in tailored dialogue by interacting with business partners, clients, and colleagues. Voice calling fosters relationships at all levels of our company, building client trust and increasing staff happiness.

How Voice Calling Works

When one person uses a telephone to call another person in a different location, this is known as voice calling. A standard phone line can be used to make calls. While this is a viable solution for many businesses, fees may be prohibitive if foreign calls account for a significant portion of our communication. An internet network can facilitate voice calling with cloud communications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology allows our company to benefit from the ease and cheaper costs of both local and international calls.

Advantages and Benefits of Voice Calling

Every company aims to connect sites, employees, and customers smoothly and cost-effectively. Multiple devices keep our business running, from our office phone to our remote desktop. When we want to get something done quickly, switching to voice calling reduces the frustration of waiting for an email response.

Why choose us?

99 SMS service tool also offers voice calls as an excellent online marketing service.


Transactional bulk SMS messages are short and to-the-point, making it simple for the recipient to read and respond.

Voice Call Dialer - 99 SMS service voice phone dialer is an intelligent and straightforward contacts dialer that aids in voice dialling and call making. Voice call dialer is a simple program that allows us to make calls or dial numbers using our voice on our Android smartphone. It's a handy voice assistant, especially when we need to call someone from our phone contact list but our hands are occupied, such as while driving. Hands-free calls are simple to make using a voice dialer; all we have to do is say the contact's name aloud. This is a voice calling app for Android, a voice calling app for 4G, and a free voice calling app. If we have an automatic voice call dialer or an automated voice calling app for Android, we can contact it with an English-speaking calling app. Calling by saying caller name and number and caller name speaking voice phone dialer, and voice change cell phone dialer are all features of this English-speaking software.

• The flash will flicker when we receive a call or a new text message.
• Blinking frequency can be controlled.

• Blinking with on/off can be configured in great detail.
• If the caller's name isn't located in the contact list, the number is spoken.
• While receiving an SMS, announce the sender's name.
• There's no need to go through our contacts one by one.
• There is no need to use a keyboard to type numbers.