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99 SMS services for Missed Calls

There are moments when talking is unnecessary. A missed call is a free way to communicate with all of us.

How does a communication missed call solution work?

The way people in the Indian subcontinent utilize phones has resulted in missed calls.

By designing an essential missed call response, brands can earn it. An SMS, another call, or a combination of the two can be sent in response to a missed call.

What is a missed call service, and how does it work?

After 2-3 rings, a customer's dedicated missed call to your business is instantly disconnected.

The customer sees your ad/promotion.

Your virtual phone number is Customer Procedures.

Why choose us?

99 SMS service user-friendly SMS panel& missed call alerts allows even non-technical people to manage their Missed call alerts campaigns on their own. It's as easy as clicking a button.

The call is received and then disconnected.

As soon as you dial your virtual number, the call is disconnected.

Which is linked to a call flow in your account for missed calls.

Spreadsheets are used to track leads.

Your callers' contact information can be exported from a Google Spreadsheet.

Callback service or text message

After a missed call lands on your virtual number, a callback or SMS may instantly tell a consumer.

How companies make use of our services

Take a look at how Excotel's Missed call solutions are used daily in the business world.

Missed Call Services Benefits


There is no charge to the customer. The use of missed call services boosts engagement.


A call could be the result of a different type of action.


All of the actions can be tracked and analyzed.

How to Make the Most of Missed Call 99 SMS Service for Your Company

Updates are simple.

A missed call to a virtual phone number usually results in a 99 SMS service alert with the requested information. Banking is one area that has done this exceptionally well.

Verification of the customer

For client verification, a missed call notice is a better option than OTPs. Request that they confirm their phone number by making a missed call to a certain number.

Lists can be opted in or out of.

You can use missed calls to encourage customers to opt-in or out of your promotional campaign list.

Registration/Generation of Leads

This is particularly effective for folks who do not have access to the internet or other kinds of communication. Their primary mode of communication is through a simple mobile phone.


Missed call marketing initiatives have been used well by the media and television shows to generate non-intrusive engagement with customers.

Support for non-governmental organizations

For NGOs, a missed call is a simple way to gain support for their cause.

Confirmation of COD

Send an SMS with a phone number where they can contact to confirm a COD order if it's a cash on delivery (COD) order.

Downloads from the drive

If a call is missed on the number, the recipient will receive a 99 SMS service with a link to download the app. As a result, it eliminates the extra step that consumers must take - searching for the proper software, for example.